I Found a New Apartment

It was a really lucky thing for me that I ran into a friend of mine from college, who was in a similar situation to mine. One night I was out at this bar and some girl told me about a party down on the periphery of a college campus. It was a pretty wild scene and I ran into Jimmy just as he was about to get his butt beat for hitting on the wrong girl. The other guy thought I might step in. At any rate Jimmy had a nice Oceanside California apartments, but his roommate had simply bailed on him. He thinks that he went back to live with his parents, but he had never told Jimmy anything. After the fact he realized that the guy had lost his job and was not going to be able to make his share of the rent, which he obviously did not wish to share that fact.

The place is really nice and the share of the rent was pretty good. That made a lot of sense for me, especially since my name is not on the lease. I really do not trust Jimmy much, there is not any reason why I would. However I am not under any obligation and that makes it a lot easier. If things go bad, I can walk away free and clear. I really like how close this place is to the beach. I got a used bike so that I could ride to the beach and then I go running. I am going to try to get in better shape and lose a little bit of weight. I probably need to lose more, but to start out I am think that it would be good if I could drop around five to ten pounds.