The Difference Between Good Landlords and Bad Ones

We had an awful time with the last apartment we rented. We were sitting around talking about it with our new neighbors at our new apartment where we think everything is perfect. Our last landlord made us all kinds of promises when we signed the lease. The promises were verbal and not in writing, so we could not prove any of them. That is why as soon as we were reaching the end of our lease, we started looking for apartments for rent in Mission Viejo CA to move to to get away from him.

I remember how he had agreed to fix the kitchen floor and to replace the carpeting in the living room before we moved in. It did not happen. He said he would get it done by the time the next month’s rent was due. He didn’t. Then the refrigerator quit working, and he would not replace it. He said that the apartment did not include a refrigerator, and that we only got that one because the last tenant left it there. There was nothing we could do about that either, so we ended up buying a new refrigerator. He actually threatened to sue us when we moved out for the refrigerator saying we broke the last one and had it hauled away before he could exam it. We left the new refrigerator rather than fight him in court.

Our new apartment is a dream compared to the old place. The management of the Renew at The Shops is also really nice. The difference is like night and day between them and our old landlord. They attend to even minor issues very quickly. I was not used to a response like that if a problem crops up needing attention. We should have moved here a long time ago as it is a very nice apartment with management that actually cares about the tenants.